Episode 21: Ankur Warikoo

Author of ‘Do Epic Shit’ on Lessons for Going Pro, Entrepreneurship, and Habits for Success.

“My biggest success is that I have lived life on my own terms, and it has worked out for me”

With 2.2m YouTube subscribers and 8m Instagram followers, Ankur Warikoo is one of India’s top content creators. In 2021, he published his first book, ‘Do Epic Shit’, which talks about his success, failures, the importance of habits, self-awareness, entrepreneurship, money, and relationships. In 2016, he started an online video series called ‘Warikoo Wednesdays,’ where he spoke about his experiences as a founder, CEO, and people manager. As a best-selling author, he conducts online educational courses to ensure all the choices we make in life come from the point of awareness and not ignorance.​

In this episode, Ankur shares how a birthday present from a friend inspired the title of his book. He describes how his journey to becoming an internet entrepreneur was a complete u-turn from studying astrophysics in the US, dropping out of his PhD program and returning to India to reset his life. Ankur touches upon how publishing his “failure resumé” was to encourage the celebration of defeat and start a discussion about why failing can be positive. Together, Richard and Ankur discuss the qualities one needs to possess before becoming an entrepreneur, with Ankur sharing some reasons why somebody should not become one!

To find out more about Ankur, visit: www.ankurwarikoo.com


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Published: Nov 4, 2022

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