Episode 32: Candice Millard

The River of the Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile

“If you just sit there worrying about writing, it won’t happen. You’ve got to get started. It’s so fun when it starts to move.”

Candice Millard is a New York Times bestselling author and former editor for National Geographic. 

In this episode of Beyond The Lens, Candice pulls us into the world of her new book, River Of the Gods, which documents the epic search for the source of the Nile River, the holy grail of exploration during the mid-nineteenth century. She paints vivid character studies of the two primary explorers – the brilliant scholar Richard Burton and the thrill-seeking John Hanning Speke. The voyage takes place in modern-day Tanzania, where Burton and Speke met their guide Sidi Mubarak Bombay before embarking on the grueling expedition to the uncharted interior of Africa to find the headwaters of the great river. 

Richard and Candice discuss the historic storyline, the outcome, and aftermath of the real life events, including the resulting bitter rivalry between the two men. Candice offers her tips on writing, how she motivates herself, and some books she personally recommends.


Buy River of the Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile on Amazon: www.amazon.co.uk/River-Gods-Genius-Courage-Betrayal-ebook/dp/B0B6MXG1CZ 








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Published: Apr 7, 2023

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