Episode 30: Chris Rainier

TIME and National Geographic Documentary Photographer on Visual Storytelling and Sacred Places

“We are all from where the green meets the blue.”

National Geographic explorer Chris Rainier is an artist, social photographer, documenter, and photojournalist, globally respected for his work with endangered cultures worldwide. He calls himself a “serial traveler, gypsy, and photographer” and possesses unrivaled first-hand knowledge of world indigenous cultures. He describes his life experiences, as you might expect, in a beautifully visual way.

Chris’s new book, Sacred, includes photos compiled from his decades of exploration and his interactions with the planet’s indigenous peoples. He co-founded The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation, which campaigns with the philosophy, ‘Indigenous peoples are the best guardians of the earth’s biodiversity. If we protect indigenous cultures, we protect the planet. We must protect the protectors.’ 

Topics Richard and Chris discuss:

  • Lessons from Ansel Adams – the great American photographer-conservationist
  • Snapping the President
  • Living in New Guinea and India
  • What it takes to be a great nature photographer
  • Mongolia
  • A North Pole voyage on a Russian ship 
  • Reporting the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami
  • Powerful photography, subtlety, and sensationalism
  • Photography as a social tool
  • Shamanism and ‘the reality of life’ 
  • What does sacred mean? 
  • The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation


Sacred by Chris Rainier: www.simonandschuster.com/books/Sacred/Chris-Rainier/9781647224578

The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation: culturalsanctuaries.org

Chris Rainier website: www.chrisrainier.org 

Instagram: @christainierphoto  /  www.instagram.com/chrisrainierphoto/




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Published: Mar 10, 2023

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