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Ep 36: Daniel Sackheim

Emmy-Winning Director of Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and The X-Files on Filmmaking and Noir Street Photography

Published: June 2, 2023

Ep 35: Art Wolfe

American Wildlife, Landscape, and Cultural Photographer: “I've Lived the Life of 500 People”

Published: May 19, 2023

Ep 34: Ian Plant & Rick Sammon

‘Thinking vs Feeling’ Compositions, Visual Flow, and Photo Masters

Published: May 5, 2023

Ep 33: Camille Seaman

Big Clouds, Big Ice: A Photographer Chasing Danger and Beauty

Published: April 21, 2023

Ep 32: Candice Millard

The River of the Gods: Genius, Courage, and Betrayal in the Search for the Source of the Nile

Published: April 7, 2023

Ep 31: Kevin Kelly

Polymath and 'Most Interesting Man in the World' on AI Art, Vanishing Asia, and Excellent Advice For Living

Published: March 24, 2023

Ep 30: Chris Rainier

TIME and National Geographic Documentary Photographer on Visual Storytelling and Sacred Places

Published: March 10, 2023

Ep 29: Kristin Harila

14 Peaks: A Historic Quest to Summit the World’s Biggest Mountains in Record Time

Published: February 24, 2023

Ep 28: Joel Sartore

So You Want To Be a National Geographic Photographer?

Published: February 10, 2023

Ep 27: Jeff Corwin

TV Host and Celebrity Wildlife Biologist on Snake Encounters, Endangered Species, and Steve Irwin

Published: January 27, 2023

Ep 26: Felipe Dana

Photography From a War Zone: A Dispatch From Ukraine

Published: January 13, 2023

Ep 25: Spencer Howard

Travel Guru: Maximizing Airline Points, Hotel Loyalty Programs, and Best Credit Cards For Cheap Luxury Travel

Published: December 30, 2022

Ep 24: William Neill

Inside the Mind of a Landscape Photography Master

Published: December 16, 2022

Ep 23: Will Travers

President of the Born Free Foundation: Why Wildlife Matters

Published: November 30, 2022

Ep 22: Marc Muench

Insights on Photography Workshops, The Art of Seeing, and Ski Photography in Iran

Published: November 18, 2022

Ep 21: Ankur Warikoo

Author of ‘Do Epic Shit’ on Lessons for Going Pro, Entrepreneurship, and Habits for Success.

Published: November 4, 2022

Ep 20: Gina Greer

Executive Director at the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO)

Published: October 21, 2022

Ep 19: Richard Bernabe on Antarctica

Photography from the Bottom of the World

Published: October 14, 2022

Ep 18: Alejandro Cartagena

Photographing Suburbia, the Success of Carpoolers, and Lessons in Self-Publishing

Published: October 7, 2022

Ep 17: Ayman Hariri

A Conversation with the CEO & Co-Founder of VERO True Social

Published: September 30, 2022

Ep 16: Sebastian Modak

Lonely Planet Editor-At-Large: The Power of Awe and the Assignment of a Lifetime.

Published: September 23, 2022

Ep 15: Kenya Photography Safari

Insights, Preparation, Gear and Strategies

Published: September 9, 2022

Ep 14: Robin Thurston

CEO of Outside Interactive Inc. on the ‘Outerverse’ and why Web3 is a big deal for creators

Published: August 26, 2022

Ep 13: Dr. Peter Lindsey

Director of the Lion Recovery Fund

Published: August 12, 2022

Ep 12: Levison Wood

Photographer, Author and 'Toughest Man on TV' reveals the Art of Exploration

Published: July 29, 2022

Ep 11: Sophy Roberts

Award-Winning Travel Writer on Hidden Africa and ‘The Lost Pianos of Siberia’

Published: July 15, 2022

Ep 10: Moose Peterson

A Nikon Legend Behind The Lens on Wildlife and Aviation Photography

Published: July 1, 2022

Ep 9: Conrad Anker

Legendary mountaineer on a lifetime of climbing and remembering Galen Rowell

Published: June 17, 2022

Ep 8: Ellen Cuylaerts

Underwater Photography and Facing Your Fears

Published: June 1, 2022

Ep 7: David Burkus

Best-Selling Author on Creativity Myths

Published: May 20, 2022

Ep 6: John Paul Caponigro

Fine Art Photography and the Creative Life

Published: May 6, 2022

Ep 5: Ask Me Anything Bonus

Your Listener Questions Answered

Published: April 29, 2022

Ep 4: Marc Saltzman

USA Today Columnist on Demystifying Technology

Published: April 22, 2022

Ep 3: Marc Cooke

Saving the Wolves of Yellowstone

Published: April 8, 2022

Ep 2: Jerry Greer

CEO of Mountain Trail Press on Self Publishing Like a Pro

Published: March 25, 2022

Ep 1: Rick Sammon

Canon Explorer of Light, Photographer, Author, Musician

Published: March 11, 2022

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