Episode 34: Ian Plant & Rick Sammon

‘Thinking vs Feeling’ Compositions, Visual Flow, and Photo Masters

“You sometimes need to take a wider view to provide some context and allow yourself to tell the story of your subject in a more effective way.” - Ian Plant

Ian Plant is a world-renowned wildlife and landscape photographer and founder of Photo Masters. Rick Sammon was the first-ever guest on Beyond the Lens! Known by some as “The Godfather of Photography”, he is on a mission to make digital photography fun, creative, exciting, and rewarding for others. Rick is also a best-selling author and talented musician.

In this episode, Richard, Ian, and Rick reminisce on dramatic expeditions together and dig deep into their photographic philosophies. Are they thinkers or feelers? How did they get to the master level they are now? The topics they cover are:


  • Richard’s unfortunate Morocco experience
  • Being a wide-angled addict
  • Shooting with drones
  • Applying street photography to the wild
  • What is Visual Flow? 
  • ‘The subject is not your subject’ 
  • How a photograph tells a story 


  • Shooting with an iPhone 14Pro in Morocco 
  • Moving from Canon to Sony cameras
  • Photography, jazz improvisation, and the importance of expression
  • The importance of your relationship with your subject and the environment your subject is in
  • The power of a still image over a video


Photo Masters: www.photomasters.com


Ian’s Website: www.ianplant.com  /  Twitter: @ianplantphoto  /  Insta: @ianplantphoto

Rick’s Website: ricksammon.com  /  Twitter: @ricksammon  /  Insta: @ricksammonphotography




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Published: May 5, 2023

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