Episode 6: John Paul Caponigro

Fine Art Photography and the Creative Life

“When taking an image, I want a discovery. I'm looking for that leap that you find in a haiku, that sudden insight in the stuff I didn't know.”

Internationally respected as one of the most prominent artists working with digital media, John Paul Caponigro works with photo-based digital imaging as his primary medium, combining his background in painting with traditional and alternative photographic processes using the latest technology. He is also a published writer who aims to help others creatively make deeper connections with nature and themselves. The likes of the Estee Lauder Collection, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and more have purchased his artwork.

Together, Richard and John Paul discuss the psychological-emotional weight of the pandemic, pollution, and climate change. Furthermore, he explains how creative writing, art, nature, and photography are restorative in times of unrest. They disclose their unique takes on image creation and visualization. John Paul reveals the importance of dreams, emotion, senses, connection, and intuition in photography. Listen to discover their views on what makes a successful image.


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Published: May 6, 2022

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