Episode 16: Sebastian Modak

Lonely Planet Editor-At-Large: The Power of Awe and the Assignment of a Lifetime.

“Let’s enjoy the moment, the conversation that it sparks and the feeling of connection that it creates between two people who, in any other circumstances, would never meet”

Award-winning travel writer, multimedia journalist, and editor-at-large at Lonely Planet, Sebastian Modak, joins Richard on this episode of Beyond The Lens. In 2019, Sebastian spent a year traveling and reporting from all the places on The New York Times ‘52 Places to Go’ list. His work has been published in The Washington Post, Condé Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal, AFAR, and BBC Travel. Sebastian was a producer on the MTV World series ‘Rebel Music’ and received the Fulbright-mtvU Fellowship, which allowed him to travel to Botswana, where he spent a year documenting the local hip-hop scene. Besides Botswana and the U.S., Sebastian has lived in Hong Kong, Australia, India, and Indonesia, and traveled to over 70 countries.

In this episode, Sebastian shares how reading ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ comics as a young child sparked a love of storytelling, which led to his desire to write. He delves into his experience of being the ‘52 Places Traveler’ for The New York Times, where he visited 52 different countries in the span of a year. He reveals some of the unexpected challenges he faced, his favorite country, and how we managed the behind-the-scenes logistics. Sebastian explains how a language barrier between himself and an older man he met in Georgia gave him a great piece of advice that he now takes with him in his everyday life, and much more!

To find out more about Sebastian, visit www.sebastianmodak.com.


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Published: Sep 23, 2022

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