Episode 25: Spencer Howard

Travel Guru: Maximizing Airline Points, Hotel Loyalty Programs, and Best Credit Cards For Cheap Luxury Travel

“I've been writing about points, miles and credit cards since 2016 – it's all I think about these days. It's both my hobby and my job.”

Richard dives into the world of travel rewards with Straight To The Points founder and travel expert Spencer Howard – who shares his travel hacks and advice on using airline points, credit cards, and loyalty programs to fly business and first-class to “help as many people as possible enjoy the excitement of luxury travel.” In August 2018, he started the ‘Award Alerts’ newsletter to make it easier for family and friends who wanted to fly business or first class but were struggling to find the necessary award seats. With more than 52k Instagram followers, Spencer has built a community of travel enthusiasts and has created a ‘Quick Start Guide’ to help people learn how to use points to travel.

To find out more about Straight To The Points, visit: www.straighttothepoints.co


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Published: Dec 30, 2022

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